Dental crowns and bridges offer a solution to missing or damaged teeth. Crowns are caps made to fit over an existing tooth. They are often recommended following a root canal filling to protect the remaining tooth whose strength is often compromised by the extensive decay and infection that may have been present.

If you are searching for a permanent solution to severely damaged, decayed or aesthetically lacking teeth, Crowns may be the solution for you!

Crowns can help recreate your beautiful smile and repair the structure and function of any tooth. Covering the entire surface area of a tooth, Crowns increase the strength and stability of teeth. They create the appearance the same texture, translucency and color as natural teeth.

Bridges are units of false teeth that are fixed to remaining natural teeth to fill a gap. A bridge may take the place of one or more missing teeth and the results can be excellent with good function and aesthetic results. With careful maintenance a well-made bridge can last many years.