Dental implants are the state-of-the-art in dentistry in the 21st century. They are a fantastic way to solve a wide range of dental problems, from replacing missing and loose teeth to stabilizing dentures. But, just like your natural teeth, there are things that must be done to keep them healthy.

Although dental implants have a very high success rate, occasionally something may go wrong. If that happens, fast action will improve your chances of successfully addressing the issues and saving your dental implants.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms or problems?

  • You are having some discomfort around the implant.
  • There is swelling and redness around an implant.
  • Gum tissue has receded from the implant tooth.
  • You can see the metal implant just below the surface of the gum.
  • There is a discharge coming from around the implant site.
  • You’ve noticed an unpleasant smell or taste in your mouth.
  • You’re having difficulty cleaning around the implant.
  • An implant crown or bridge has loosened or is detaching.
  • Your bite is uncomfortable or just doesn’t feel right.

At Naples General & Cosmetic Dentistry, our knowledge and skill in the use of implants enables us to help you with a swift diagnosis and treatment planning when something goes wrong.

We are often able to rescue implants that show signs of infection, mobility or failure. In some situations, restoration of the implant can be accomplished. In other cases, the failing implant may have to be removed.

If something about your dental implant doesn’t seem right, get in touch with us immediately to find out what can be done.