Most of us have walked through drugstores and seen entire sections dedicated to teeth-whitening products. These kits may be easy to use, but may not provide safe, uniform or even quick results.

At Naples General & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are proud to offer our patients the premier in-office teeth whitening system available – BriteSmile.  Compared to sleeping night after night with annoying strips or trays filled with bleaching gel, BriteSmile is a better and safer choice than over-the-counter whitening kits.

In just one appointment, the BriteSmile system can brighten teeth by up to 12 shades, producing stunning, natural-looking results that are visible immediately. The procedure:

  • Is safe and effective
  • Involves no laser, no heat, and no scraping
  • Produces little to no discomfort
  • Uses a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide
  • Uses a proprietary blue-light technology to reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Does not soften tooth enamel
  • Is not harmful to gum tissue
  • Has no adverse impact on fillings
  • Requires about one hour to complete
  • Is administered by dental professionals
  • Achieves results that can last for years

One visit is all it takes to remove stains that have taken years to accumulate and provide you with a brighter, whiter smile.  You’ll even be able to relax, watch TV, listen to music, or take a nap during treatment!

If you hesitate to smile because your teeth are dull, dingy, or stained, get in touch with us to find out more about this revolutionary in-house teeth whitening treatment.